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Buildings at Risk

The Derbyshire Buildings at Risk Register was first published by the Trust 1989, following a county wide survey of listed “buildings at risk”. Since then, monitoring and updating of the Register has been carried out by Derbyshire County Council’s Conservation and Design Team in conjunction with the Trust and the District; Borough and City Councils and the Peak District National Park Authority.

In 1998 English Heritage first published a national Buildings at Risk Register. Unlike the Derbyshire Register, which encompassed all grades of historic building and even some unlisted buildings, the English Heritage Register was limited to only the highest grade of buildings -- either grade 1 or grade 2*

In 2008 English Heritage (EH) widened the scope of its annual review to encompass scheduled monuments, registered parks and gardens, registered battlefields and protected wreck sites (of which Derbyshire is not well endowed). In 2009 EH widened the scope of the register further to encompass conservation areas at risk.

The Engish Heritage HERITAGE AT RISK REGISTER may be accessed on line at: http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/protecting/heritage-at-risk/

The Derbyshire Historic Building Trust’s register remains limited to buildings, and is particularly valuable as a source of information for grade 2 and unlisted historic buildings, which are not monitored by English Heritage. The buildings on it are considered to be at risk from vacancy, under-use, neglect or structural disrepair.

This information is continually updated by Derbyshire County Council with information provided by the local authorities and is arranged in order of District or Borough Council, then alphabetically by parish or town.

Owners of listed buildings, which are not being maintained in a ‘proper state of preservation’ can be subject to legal action by a local council under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, to enforce proper repairs, and in default this neglect may lead to compulsory purchase proceedings by the council.

The main register can be searched and viewed on Derbyshire County Council’s website and includes two Appendices, Appendix 1 which lists a summary of those buildings on the Register which are Grade I or II* on the statutory lists together with details about what is being done to protect and preserve them, and Appendix 2, which gives details of those buildings which have been removed from the register.

SEARCH Buildings at Risk Register
SEARCH Appendix 1 - Buildings at Risk listed Grade I or II* on the statutory lists
SEARCH Appendix 2 - Buildings at Risk been removed from the register

Many of the buildings listed in this register are not for sale; unless specifically noted. This does not mean that the owner is unwilling to sell the property. However, anyone interested in purchasing a building which is not identified FOR SALE is advised to contact the Conservation Officer either at the County Council or the Local Planning Authority.

A full contact list of conservation staff in local councils can be found on Derbyshire County Council’s website.

Neither DHBT nor DCC can be held liable for any inaccuracy in the information provided.

Save Britain's Heritage is a charity which campaigns for the preservation of the architectural heritage. Save has also produced a selective register covering England and Wales.

For further information contact: Save, 70 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EJ.

020 7253 3500
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